Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dear Mr Google

Dear Mr Google

I would like to complain about an intolerable situation which has arisen on your Blogger service.

A few days ago I wrote a post titled Tillertard about what I assumed were two blogs by the same bloke calling himself Tillerman and Tillertard.

Here is the profile picture of Tillerman who writes doublereef.

And here is the profile picture used by Tillertard who writes doublebeef.

Well, I discovered yesterday that these two blokes are not the same bloke. The doublebeef blog by Tillertard is actually a parody of the doublereef blog by Tillerman and is written by someone else. I had assumed it was just a clever post-modern self-deprecating self-parody by the same chappie, (a bit like this blog). Duh!

My innocent assumption was corrected in an email I received yesterday from some guy who sails just across the bay from me.

I noticed your note on the doublereef / doublereef blogs. Some clarification - DoubleReef is the blog of one Daniel Taylor, who posts as Tillerman and is the annoying troll that EVK4 mentioned in his comment to you. DoubleBeef, by "Tillertard", is a parody of Taylor's turgid bloviations on his own blog on on other forums - most notably on the cruising forum on SA.

Taylor has nothing to do with creating the DoubleBeef blog, though he has posted comments on it many times - both as himself and as an anonymous poster. However I think he would happily slash my tires or sugar my diesel tank for my role in the whole affair...

Thought you might want to know.

So now there is...
  1. Me, Tillerman, who writes this blog Proper Course, mainly about sailing.

  2. The professional poker player, Ian Girdwood, who writes TillerMaN's Blog Spot, mainly about poker and other games (and who started his blog 5 months after I started mine.)

  3. Tillerman who writes doublereef, mainly about sailing.

  4. Tillertard who writes doublebeef, a parody of doublereef.

Got it? Good.

Mr Google, this is making my head hurt

and I am sure it is confusing the hell out of all three of my faithful readers.

So, what are you going to do about it?

Yours, in anticipation...

The real, original, authentic Tillerman

PS. The letter exposing the Tillerman/Tillertard identical twin parody was sent on April 1st. So if it was only an April Fools joke please ignore this letter.


Litoralis said...

Assuming that the whole Tillertard, doublereef, doublebeef fiasco isn't just an elaborate hoax created by a retired Laser sailor with too much time on his hands, I'd be happy to investigate the possibility of filing a trademark application on the name "Tillerman" for use on sailing blogs.

Tillerman said...

See what I mean Mr Google? Even my own son is confused about the identity of all these tillermen!

Litoralis said...

It's not Mr. Google that you should be complaining's Mr. Federal District Court Judge, or at least Mr. Commissioner for Trademarks.

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