Monday, April 14, 2008

Shoveling Crap

I just blew the Australian white plonk out of my nose reading Adam Turinas's post today on Messing About in Sailboats which is all about a three-way conversation he has been having with himself (and/or his editor and marketing director) about how he/they are going to "stop shoveling crap", how he/they "won’t post anymore random pictures without a point of view about them" and in particular he/they won't post any pictures of cats on boats or pigs on boats.

Good for him. I admire his high-minded commitment to quality. I, on the other hand, am quite happy to post anything that comes into my head. So blame Adam for giving me the idea to post the following pictures...

a cat on a boat

another cat on a boat

and a pig on a boat.

For those into pigs on boats you might like to know that the photo above is from a New Zealand website promoting the opportunity to go hunting wild pigs and goats from a jetboat, apparently "an experience you will never forget".

And if that doesn't appeal how about.....

a dead pig as a boat?

Yup. It is what it is. A Norwegian "comedian" put an outboard motor on a dead pig.

Can I sink any lower? Watch this space.


Shopping City Chaplaincy said...

Loved the pictures of the Cats.

All I can say about the pig pictures is that that so called comedian had just better not set foot in the UK because there are folk here that will stake his outboard and stick it where the sun don't shine. And that's putting it mildly.

Carol Anne said...

Hmmm .... when I first saw the title of this post, I read it as "shoveling carp" -- although that may be a fairly similar activity.

Over at my brother Jerry's blog, Muddled Ramblings, , he's been dealing with his own version of Fish on Friday.

Tillerman said...

I don't understand Tim. Don't UK folk still eat pork sausages and pork chops and pork pies and bacon and haslet and crackling and all other kinds of pork products. Why is turning a pig into a boat worse than eating it? Didn't the ancient Britons make coracles with animal skins? I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

To be frank, I was boring myself so no wonder other blogs stopped linking. It's an honest medium. Back to having some fun. Thanks for the shout-out.

moonstruck said...

SERIOUS MEDICAL ALERT!!! a joint memo released by the DEC, River Keeper and Clearwater NY has disclosed that it is now a proven fact that Hudson River Sturgeon are infected with Nautical Rabies! Although not as deadly as regular rabies, anyone who falls overboard and thinks they have been nipped in the particulars needs to go for the series of shots, twelve in all, preferably gin but scotch will do as well.


Dennis G

moonstruck said...

Reprint from Poughkeepsie Journal

An investigation is continuing into the attack on two sailboats last Fall (Auklet and Mother Goose) by a fleet of crazed kayakers. Nothing definitive yet but fingerprint experts are hoping to find a match in the Quahoag Tribe of Zodiac Island in Western Alaska. Their bone tipped spears have been recovered from Auklet and a Mother Goose. Casey the Rat was a witness to the whole thing and he has vowed to track down those dastardly Blubber Eaters! Oh oh oh, not politically correct!! If the Good Lord meant for people to paddle, why did he invent wind?

NOTE Casey the Rat lives under the Chelsea Yacht Club House. He sees all and knows all. His half sister, Mini the Rat, lives under the Sebago Canoe Club Club House. She knows everythig that happens in Jamaica Bay.



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