Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hot with Road Rage, Egos, Collisions and Speed

Who said it?

"The juice." That’s probably the best way to describe the power and the mayhem involved with 55 boats starting absurdly close to the line and all arriving to a mark ... all within less than a minute. Then every mark from that point forward, regardless of the windstrength, the mark roundings will be overcrowded and hot with road rage, egos, collisions and speed. So many fouls occur through the races it would boggle most people’s minds.
No, that's not a quote from my post about my only day sailing this year with the Newport frostbite fleet on Sunday. Though it would have fit.

It's actually Andrew Campbell's description of a typical race in the gold fleet at the ISAF Grade 1 Semaine Olympique Française in Hyères, France.

Hmmm. Maybe racing next winter in Newport will be better training for high level regattas than I imagined.


Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

"# days sailing this year" photo looks rather silly... he's wearing a fake mustache, surely? rofl rofl

Any practice is good practice. Mind you, after sailing myself today - and the water was bloody freezing - i dunno how u 'frostbiters' do it!

Mal :)

EVK4 said...

Nice job with the #23; I would have expected a more obvious one who played for the White Sox.

EVK4 said...

Isn't it spring out there yet? We're starting to get our spring/summer afternoon winds now.

Tillerman said...

Ventura will always be #19 to me, but there is only one Donnie Baseball.

Yes, most of April has been glorious spring weather. That's why I'm surprised not to see more boats out on the water most days

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