Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Annapolis Performance Sailing

I don't normally use this blog to promote particular vendors but I do have to put in a good word for APS, Annapolis Performance Sailing. This is the first place I go to whenever I need sailing clothes, equipment, line, books etc. etc. etc. Their website is superb, their prices are good, the service is flawless -- stuff I order on the web is usually delivered to my home the next day via standard UPS Ground even though I live about 200 miles from the shop.

Check them out. You won't regret it.


EVK4 said...

I just wish there were a local SFPS or something out here. APS is a great company. Anything that I don't need right now, I go to them for. Even with shipping it's usually cheaper than Worst Marine.

Anonymous said...

I was in Annapolis two weeks ago at a pretty condo which I can recommend to you. It's just a 5 minutes water taxi ride to Annapolis Yacht Club (AYC). And if you want to play tennis or just sit in the swimming pool, well, it is just the perfect place to stay.

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