Sunday, February 19, 2006


Back in the summer, when I told the commodore of my sailing club that I was expecting to become a grandfather in November, he told me that it would be a "life changing event".

He was right. On Saturday I learned to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on an octopus.

On Saturday night, Tillerwoman and I with our son and daughter-in-law had Chinese food. When we had Chinese last time, exactly twelve weeks ago, my daughter-in-law went into labor. Thankfully this time it didn't have the same result.

Only 21 days until the start of the sailing season.

Really -- I need to go sailing.

If I keep writing posts like this one my blog deserves to be attacked by a giant text sucking machine.


Anonymous said...


Don't feel too badly about sound like my father, proud grandfather of two.

Funniest event so far is the time Max, the younger of my nephews, peed while sitting on grandpa's lap, and somehow missed the diaper and got my father's lap instead. My father said, "Boy, is it getting warm in here?" before he realized what had happened. My sister took a photo of him standing, holding Max at arm's length with a large stain running down his jeans, and gave it to him for his birthday.

Enjoy your granddaughter...the time you spend with her, she will treasure all her life.

Anonymous said...

I guess you don't really want to hear that I went night sailing again on Saturday evening and then again last night...

That's the beauty of living in Queensland (Australia). We sail all year round in perfect weather!

But, by doing other things you appreciate the sport even more when you return after a long break. So enjoy the next 21 days! It will make the new season even better when it returns.

Carol Anne said...

Just look forward to when you, too, can begin to have "learning experiences" again.

Tillerman said...

Dan - your comment was almost prophetic. But we didn't get a photo.

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