Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I came across an Italian blog sNIPEOUT that is about sailing so, as I don't read Italian, I used good old Google Translate to check out what he (or she) is saying. A recent post liNKS (what is it with this mixing of upper and lower case characters) appears to be an article about the links from my Top 10 Sailing Blogs of 2005. (Except one is missing and one is in twice.)

Anyway, for what it's worth here is what Google made of it ..

succulento a directory of blog that they deal of sail!

it is clear: They do not only deal of sail, best ONLY SOME ONLY deal of sail, but ce they are also various that face the argument with a cut say. more heuristic?
In any case the sail guesses there always, a lot that are agonistica sail, cruise, bricolage, photography, etc, but other guesses also a lot there, therefore the heterogenous offer e quantomai, without to count that with all the connected ones link, can be gone to ravanare goodness knows where.
Those under are already active here, how much before will be available also in bottom to the right column, therefore good travel, to how many will attempt!
OK. I'm off to "ravanare goodness knows where" for a spot of "agonistica".


Anonymous said...

Hi Tillerman!

Ravanare: searching something in the deep!

in images: do u know when you're in late and you're looking for something you need in your sailbag and you're absolutely sure of it, but you're unable to find it???

"ravanare" is something like this: the twisting-movement produced by your two-hands-searching in the bottom of sailbag, launching everything out of bag and beyond your shoulders!!

anyway snipeout is a blog about snipe sailing, and about sailing, and about everything near sailing (or not!), or simply a blog about "heuristic sailing"! 8)

u'll find something in english on it and something more on snipestripes.blogspot.com, another "column" of this open space, oriented to stripes and photo.

our best.

one of those behind "lzp!" multiple-mark!!

Carol Anne said...

I noticed that my blog recently got a whole lot of visitors from Italy, and I tracked those visits back to snipeout. I originally blamed an infuriating but adorable Italian guy I know, but now I see this isn't his fault.

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