Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Did you catch the Rolling Stones concert in Detroit on Sunday night? Great that ABC showed it on prime-time TV. (Shame that it was preceded and followed by several hours of coverage of overweight, overpaid, overexcited, overdressed men in tight pants running into each other and falling over.)

Keith Richards is five years older than me. It actually makes me feel young to think of that and then watch and listen to him and Ron Wood jamming away at the end of an old classic like Satisfaction. OK, he may look like a dead man walking but the guy still has amazing energy. Rex Hammock was dead right in his post yesterday about why old farts in their fifties like the Rolling Stones.

I have Start Me Up on my CD of "get hyped up for sailing" songs that I play in the car on the way to races. Of course that's without the censorship of the lyrics that apparently was necessary for the tender ears of all those shy, sensitive football fans in the USA.

And for the best take on the censorship issue check out the Times Online on What the Rolling Stones really meant to sing.


Gannet Girl said...

"he may look like a dead man walking" -- I said to my husband during the show, "Keith Richards looks like he's DEAD." But the man can play.

Love your take on the evening:
concert embedded in pre-and post concert game shows

Carol Anne said...

Seeing that halftime show brought up some fond memories ... I'm going to have to expand on that idea on my blog, but for a hint, it involved free beer and Howard Cosell's box at the Astrodome ...

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