Sunday, February 05, 2006


Every few years a new small single-handed sailing boat is launched on the market and the hype starts. This will be the one. The one that displaces the Laser from its position as the gold standard in single-handed one design sailing. A few years ago it was the MX-Ray but it never really took off in a big way. This year there is the Hoot.

I must admit it looks pretty cool. I especially like the picture of the self-described petite brunette carrying the hull under her arm.

Who knows? This might be the one. The boat I mean -- not the brunette.


Anonymous said...

The brunette ain't that bad either... :D

Carol Anne said...

Nah, Tillerman, admit it, you don't want a brunette. You want a redhead with wild, untamed locks. Think Nicole Kidman in Dead Calm. OK, you'll have to fight both Pat and Larry ...

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