Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Curmudgeon

Every sailing club has one. An old curmudgeon who complains about the way the club is being run now, how it's not the same as when he was commodore back in the 30s, writing obnoxious notes to the committee, how dare they charge such exorbitant fees for regattas, blah blah blah ...

Here's ours, sitting by his trailer after racing, filling out a request for redress for some imagined error by the race committee that screwed him over once again.

But at least he had the nouse to do it right away. Unlike Neal McDonald and his professional crew on Ericcson in the Volvo Ocean Race. They filed for redress because they claimed the race committee incorrectly recalled them for an early start in the in-port race in Melbourne. But they took 30 hours to do it and had their request thrown out by the International Jury for being too late.

Neal, if you want to hire a protest expert we would be glad to make the curmudgeon available. More than glad. Really.

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