Monday, February 13, 2006

Quails and Elephants?

I know what you're thinking.
Tillerman has finally lost it.
Yesterday, quail hunting.
And today ... elephants?
What is it?
Cabin fever?

Well, maybe.

Yesterday we had the biggest blizzard of the winter so far. And this morning I've been digging out cars and shoveling, shoveling, shoveling. It's two months since I went sailing and will likely be another month before I go racing again.

So I just couldn't resist that story about quailing yesterday. I know quailing ain't exactly the same as sailing. But it's not every day that the guy who is one heartbeat away from being the emperor of the free world (including Iraq) gets to shoot a major Republican party donor.

And the elephant picture is from a sailing website. I know you don't believe me but here it is, the official website of the 2005 Enterprise Worlds now taking place in Sri Lanka. No, that isn't a typo. It actually is the 2005 Worlds. They were originally scheduled for last February but, as you will recall, Sri Lanka had other worries this time last year. So the 2005 Worlds were rescheduled for 2006.

Sri Lanka's largest circulation English newspaper, the Sunday Observer, has a story on the regatta but I haven't been able to find any results online yet. Antony Clay one of the Top 10 Sailing Bloggers of 2005 is sailing in the Worlds so perhaps he will be able to give us some accounts of the racing in his own unique style at SoulSailor.

The Observer article notes that, "This year, the event has won personal support from President Rajapakse, who has taken a close interest in sailing ever since he casually happened to meet the national Optimist youth sailing about a year ago."

Wow, that's the kind of politician I would vote for. Wouldn't it be healthier if our own leaders would take an interest in sailing instead of spending their weekends shooting quails and Texas lawyers?

On second thoughts, Mr Cheney, please disregard that suggestion. Stay away from sailors. At least until your aim is better.

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