Thursday, February 16, 2006

Keep on Rockin'

This blog is not about sailing.

Oh, I know it occasionally seems like a sailing blog when I'm not diverted into discussing quails, elephants, the wattle or why old farts in their fifties like the Rolling Stones. But really it's just another of those personal weblogs by an aging baby boomer. And it so happens that one of this blogger's passions is sailing.

So on the theme of growing old the baby boomer way -- and in no way wishing to turn this blog into a fan-zine for the Rolling Stones -- let me refer you to an article on WebMD, about the health secrets that enable Mick Jagger et al to keep on going on they way they are doing.

When the Stones burst on to the UK music scene in the early 1960's nobody, least of all they themselves I suspect, imagined that one day they would be lauded as role models of healthy living by members of the medical community. But forty years later, here we are.

Of course the author of the article is not recommending heroin, groupies, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and eardrum-splitting noise as a recipe for good health. (Unless you really want to look like Keith Richards). But he does point to Jagger as an example of how my generation is redefining what it means to grow old: follow your passion, remain engaged, stay active, keep fit ...

Seems like that's what I've been writing about here for a year now.

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