Monday, February 20, 2006

Fashion Question for the Tillerman

Dear Tillerman
Today while getting dressed for sailing I tucked my cute pink and white Magic Marine Lycra Rashguard into my pretty red and white flowery Water Girlie Wave Slave Boarding Shorts and put on my darling Aqua/Grey ExtraSport Cienna PFD. I tucked in my top because I remembered how chilly I'd gotten last week on the small of my back, in the small gap between my appropriately lowish-rise shorts and my top, every time I leaned to duck under the boom in a tack or a gybe. The gap wasn't big and there was no inappropriate undergarment exposure -- nothing shocking going on here. It just got cold after a while. But when I looked in the mirror at my tucked in shirt, I thought, "So dorky. Nobody tucks things in anymore."

Question 1: am I right? Is tucking in of rashguards out of style? I think so, but I'm hoping that I'm wrong.

Question 2: If tucking in is a no-go, what's a girl to do about the small-of-the-back gap? My top and shorts are the right size, and otherwise reasonably flattering and fashionable. I feel like all the other sailors are staring at me. What's to be done?

Yours in embarrassment
Water Girlie

Dear Water Girlie, The guys sailing with you are way too busy to stare at the exposed skin of the small of your back. They are concentrating on the wind and the waves and the competition and how much longer can I keep hiking this hard and is the cramp in my arm ever going to stop and will I need to pee before this race is over ... So just forget about how you look and concentrate on your racing.

But what is that tattoo? Do I detect the tops of butterfly wings? What were you thinking?



Anonymous said...

Does this sunscreen make me look fat?

Carol Anne said...

One of the teams from Colorado that we hope to defeat this spring has a boat named "Does this boat make my butt look big?"

We're preparing a banner to put on the transom of ours for when we pass them: "Yes, it does."

Carol Anne said...

As for the tattoo ... I once wanted one. I had an ugly birthmark on my derriere that looked like a nasty bruise -- the kind that nowadays would get my parents arrested for child abuse. I always wanted to cover it up with a butterfly. I never did.

Now it just blends in with the rest of me. BUT I didn't break a single nail this weekend! So there!

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