Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Typical Day at the Forum

You just have to chuckle at the characters who post on Sailing Anarchy's forums. The way this thread developed today is typical. (For the sake of brevity, I haven't listed all the posts).

4:26 am: The Editor posts a question about the headlines over the photos on SA's front page today Birth, School, Work, Death asking which band and song inspired those titles and offering some SA swag for the first right answer.

4:29 am: Shorthanded has the answer. Thanks to a quick Google one suspects.

4:38 am: Fluffy posts a wrong answer! You don't have too be smart (or even be able to read) to post here, it seems.

6:03 am: redlola accuses the editor of trivializing the fatal accident covered in one story by making a competition of it.

6:11 am: MetricOClock posts another wrong answer. Duh!

6:40 am: boatschit weighs in on the appropriateness of running a quiz that partly depends on a picture of an accident in which several sailors died and scores the first use of the F word in this thread.

12:35 pm: Apology from the editor saying no disrespect intended. Don't often see one of these in SA!

2:05 pm: clubsailor has a go at the editor. Another F bomb.

3:39 pm: Knothead congratulates the editor for "pissing people off again" and notes it is "good for the website business".

4:03 pm: The Pope posts, "Surprised that folks still get surprised by what goes on here. Really, check your standards at the door when you login, as this ain't no place that momma wants you to go."

Well said your holiness.

And this is one of the more restrained threads!

Update 5 hours later. I spoke too soon! The tough guys at SA have now lost all restraint and are throwing barbed posts at each other in an orgy of language escalation. "Sanctimonous pr*ck" is one of the kindest terms used. SOME PEOPLE ARE SHOUTING and others are thumping the table. STFU is being uttered more frequently as tempers rise.

Along the way someone took the obligatory swipe at competitor Scuttlebutt. And even that started a side argument about whether the swipe was accurate. It's like a bar in one of those old western movies when everyone is throwing punches and occasionally someone is thrown bodily out of the door.

A typical day at the forum indeed!


EVK4 said...

do you lurk at SA or do you have an ID? Mine is surprisingly EVK4. the tough guys there mock blogs but I'd bet about a quarter of my hits are SA folk.

Tillerman said...

I don't have an SA ID.

I did read somewhere that the best way to drive traffic to a sailing blog is to post some controversial statement on an SA forum and then watch the stampede of pissed off anarchists following the link back to your blog to abuse you.

But so far I have resisted that temptation!

EVK4 said...

They've never commented thankfully. If you really piss anyone off, make sure to turn comments off for a few weeks until the animals go back to their cages.

Anonymous said...

yeah i guess you are some dumb lurker/troll

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