Monday, July 24, 2006

Clif Bars

sailing my Laser
need snack between the races
munch on a Clif Bar

easy to transport
pocket in my PFD
room for two Clif Bars

perfect sailing snack
does not melt in hot weather
still chewy when cold

packed full of good stuff
organic ingredients
healthy and tasty

organic rolled oats
organic roasted soybeans
soy flour and flaxseed

protein and fiber
carbohydrates, minerals
and vitamins too

glycemic index
is moderate which gives you
sustained energy

hey, you say, who cares
forget all of the science
they just taste damn good

great tasting flavors
plenty of variety
you can try them all

Black Cherry Almond
Carrot Cake and Chocolate Chip
are some of the best

tasty Apricot
and Oatmeal Raisin Walnut
sailing nutrition

munch between races
gives you an energy boost
hike harder next race

in frostbiting season
I rely on my Clif Bars
see me through the day

but don't dump wrapper
into the ocean or lake
keep it on the boat

and spell the name right
it's named after someone's Dad
one F please not two

makers have a blog
proves that they must be good guys
check out blah blah blog.


Litoralis said...

You have way too much time on your hands!

Tillerman said...

how can you say that?
just a few random jottings
takes no time at all

Anonymous said...

Oh my God. If that's what we have to eat whilst on the water I think I will take up golf 40 years early!!!

I'm sure this is where sea sickness is generated from.


Zen said...

Clif bars are good
even I approve
good handy way
to eat some healthy food

T-man is right
don't just toss the paper
the trash we dump today
will come back to haunt U later

EVK4 said...

I don't have any idea what to say about this.

Anonymous said...

tillerman it seems
taken leave of his senses
this cannot end well

Tillerman said...

edward is speechless
and david sees bad ending
i'm off for a sail

Anonymous said...

Hey Tillerman, nice job on the poetry although...

Clif bars aren't all that bad...but definitely not my choice of food out sailing. Then again, since my boat has a galley, with a stove and a refrigerator, I do have a few more options than the pockets of my clothes for food selection. ;)

Carol Anne said...

Tillerman, it seems,
emulates Muddled Ramblings
and now does haiku.

he miscounts a line or two,
but mostly he's good.

He said he wanted
more product reviews, so I
can't really complain.

Oh, BTW, if
you seek Muddled Ramblngs, it's

(Count that address as five syllables, please.)

Tillerman said...

Carol Anne thank you
did I really miscount lines?
must be getting old

Anonymous said...

I need a drink after reading that.
A Laser Beam?

Pat said...

Now I am hungry,
what can I do about that?
guess it's time for lunch.

Carol Anne said...

Went back to recount;
now, how many syllables
are in "chocolate"?

It's negotiable,
I guess, so you are right, but
so am I, sort of.

Tillerman said...

Carol Anne is right
mathematically. It's
poetic license.

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