Saturday, July 29, 2006

Rohan Veal at the Moth Worlds

Check out the accounts by Australian Rohan Veal of the racing at the 2006 International Moth Worlds which are being sailed on a Danish fjord at Horsens.

Videos of the action, courtesy of Rohan's Dad, are below. Man those things are fast on their foils.

The last two races are today, Saturday, and its looking like a showdown between Simon Payne of the UK and Rohan for the title.

Update: There was no racing today so Simon Payne is the new world champion.


Zen said...

Yeah baby yeah!

I've seen shots of those before, They look like major fun!!! Almost like flying.

So when are you getting one T-man??
Give us a first hand report!

Tillerman said...

I know my limitations.

Anonymous said...

I bet Johnsee is licking the computer screen as he watches these vids.

Anonymous said...

I saw a video a while back from one of the VOR stopovers where a few of the guys off ABN 2 got together with Veal, and they tried to sail his boat. Apparently you have little trim tabs on the foils that you have to constantly be screwing with to keep it out of the water, and they pitchpole very easily. It was fun to watch those rockstarts off the Open 70 wiping out all over the place on that little rocket. I'll see if I can find that vid somewhere...

Carol Anne said...

Thought #1: Those aren't boats; they're airplanes. They have airplane things, like trim tabs, to keep them flying.

Thought #2: What would happen to a Moth if it encountered the Dillon Lake flyswatter?

Fred said...

Appreciate you put that on your side Tillerman! Read the article in Seahorse. Just 9.999,-- in a full flying Moth incl. Airtransport box. All Carbon. And NO, we are not to old. We should at least give it a try...VO70 rockstars are not necessarily dinghy guru´s. I´ll bet that I am more careful not to get wet on my dinghy other than these guys who are facing a "C" tube waterhose down their decks.
2 years ago, only 2-3 were flying sometimes on the course, these days, everyone is flying already at the starting gun. Amazing progress. Go for Olympic! We do not need 2 Lasers.

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