Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday

They say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too, yeah

They say it's your birthday

We're gonna have a good time

I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.

Happy Birthday George. We share a birthday and are much the same age but we don't have much in common.

One thing we do have in common is that we have both been married to our wives for a long time -- in my case over thirty years. Our wives were both schoolteachers. I hope you realize that marrying these ladies was the best thing either of us ever did.

Since 2000 you and I have both been living the life of which we dreamed. I have been sailing and living slow and traveling to Australia and Europe and the Caribbean and chilling out with my bride and my kids and my granddaughter. You have been... oh never mind. Each to their own.

I'm glad it's your birthday. Happy Birthday to you. Today you have a meeting with some guy from Canada and I'm going to see my granddaughter. I hope you have as much fun as I do today. But somehow I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

He doesn't sail. There is no way he could ever have as much fun!

Happy Birthday Tillerman.

(If you are who you say you are...!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tillerman. May your life be long and useful... like a roll of toilet paper.

Zen said...

Otanjobe Omideto T-mansan

I guess you got most of the good trats for being born today!

May your sails be full and your blog-sitters shirt

Zen said...

oops, my bad, should be:


good traits

my fingers are faster than my brain.

EVK4 said...

happy birthday....

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tillerman, may you have many more with which to spoil your granddaughter. :D

One other thing different about you and the man sitting in the White House, I respect you and value your opinion...can't say the same for W.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you're going to have a better bithday. Happy B-Day!

Eat lots of cake! Then you can sail a Finn. ;)


PS How many candles on that cake?

Anonymous said...

oops..that's birthday not bithday.

Pat said...

Happy indulge-yourself-day and keep up the Laser-sharp posts in the coming year!

Ant said...

Happy Birthday dude.. keep soul sailing and stay happy

Tillerman said...

OG - of course I am who I say I am. Who else would I be? Somebody someone else says I am?

Claude - that's the nicest thing anybody has said to me for ages.

Zen, Edward, Dan, Pat and Ant - thank you

Joe - Tillerdaughterinlaw made me an awesome cake with chocolate frosting. I ate enough to sail a Finn. There were 11 candles.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for an excuse to post that as a comment somewhere for ages... lol. Hope you had a great day buddy!

the skip said...

Happy Birthday Tillerman.

Fuff said...

Happy (belated) Birthday Tillerman. May your vang be even more super than ever.

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