Sunday, July 09, 2006

'Live Sail Die' Goes to Mecca

Newport is the Mecca of world-wide yachting.

OK. OK. I know some of you want to argue about that. The Brits will tout Cowes, the Aussies will rant about Sydney, the left coast Yanks will rave about San Francisco Bay, and the Chesapeake Bay crowd will even suggest that Naptown can compete for the title.

But they are all wrong. Newport is it, the center, the place, the Mecca of world-wide yachting.

And this weekend, Live Sail Die, that little upstart sailing website enterprise from the other side of the planet, made it to Newport in the form of a sticker on my boat trailer at the Newport Regatta. I'm sure the business will take off like a rocket after this exposure to all the yachties in Newport.

Well done guys. You have arrived. (But it was pure luck. If I hadn't broken my Laser trailer last week, I wouldn't have needed to use my Sunfish trailer with the LSD sticker to take my Laser to Newport.)

More on the regatta coming soon...


Fuff said...

Hmm, sure it not Cowes :) ?

EVK4 said...

Where's the AC being held, Valencia, Spain?!? Could that be the new sailing capital.

Just kidding, everyone knows it's at 37-52.0 x 122-19.3 or thereabouts.

Carol Anne said...

Your sailing experience can't be considered complete until you've sailed in BOTH the Chihuahuan Desert AND the Rocky Mountains.

Anonymous said...

I'm chuffed!!!

Thanks Tillerman, that's awesome. Bugger about your broken trailer, but I'm secretly kinda happy!!!

Anonymous said...

I guess it was fated that your Laser trailer break down, so you could bring the light of LSD to Newport.

Zephyr (Sail) said...

awwwww c'mon - we all love Newport but don't go all starry eyed. There's Auckland, San Diego, Sydney, Saltsjöbaden, Crosshaven, Cape Town, Cowes, Hong Kong, Singapore, the Solent, Perth, Hamilton, Malta ...hell go local, throw in the small fry - St Michaels, Bristol, Marblehead, Annapolis (as you rightly mention), Sausalito, Southwest Harbor, Portsmouth & for that matter how can you leave out Charleston, Ft Lauderdale, Key West. Ha! Just funning, mate. Have a cold beer at Zelda's for me ;-)

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