Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where You At???

The LiveSailDie forum has a thread entitled Where you at??? in which contributors are encouraged to post a Google Earth screen shot of where they sail. Problem is that I'm a sailing vagabond.

vag·a·bond n.
1. A person without a permanent home who moves from place to place.
2. A vagrant; a tramp.
3. A wanderer; a rover.

I live near a lake with a Sunfish fleet with which I sail only occasionally nowadays; I am a member of another local club on a reservoir where I sometimes sail Lasers on Sundays and Sunfish on Wednesdays; I travel around to Laser regattas; in the winters I do Laser frostbiting at yet another club two states away; and when I worked as a sailing instructor it was at another different club.

I don't have a "home club".

But here is a screenshot of the first lake mentioned including a picture of my house if you know where to look.

And here is a photo taken of sailing on this lake around 1912.

In 1912 the town was still being developed. There are more trees now and the boats being sailed have changed a little... but not much.


Zen said...

You could just post of shot of the east coast.

I see your house it is the one with the grayist roof right next door to that other house and the one on the right, er... left, right!

Anonymous said...

Google Earth is an excellent techie toy... I used it in a post recently. :D

Of course, wandering around with Laser in tow is much easier than doing so with a larger boat.

Pat said...

Mostly we're easy to predict; our boats summer in the mountains of northern NM at Lake Heron, then spend the cooler months of the year in the warmer waters of Elephant Butte Lake in southern NM. Sensible of them to migrate so that we can sail almost year 'round. But then there's the occasional trailer trip or charter elsewhere; we hope to sail in the middle of Colorado at Dillon Lake in a couple of weeks for our first time ever. We've sailed the Gulf and Pacific coasts, so maybe now we need an excuse to cruise the Atlantic and the Sound, Cape, or bays.

Anonymous said...

1912 Sunfish?

Dwayne Clark said...

nice photos!!

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