Monday, July 03, 2006

Upcoming Features

Upcoming Features in the July issue of Proper Course ...
  • Top Ten Tips on Building a Racing Fleet - partly in response to Carol Anne's query about how to revive a racing program.

  • Race Management - another guest appearance by world-renowned expert Joe the PRO (if I can persuade or bribe him to write some more stuff).

  • Teaching Sailing to Kids - how to combine fun, learning and safety in a junior sailing program.

  • Reviews of Sailing Gear - Johnsee has a wiki, Ant likes tags, I'm just going to review some of the stuff I have, throw it out there and see where it sticks.

  • Technical Corner: more geekfests on some fascinating topics such as How Slippery Should Your Bottom Be? (requested by Litoralis) or How Do Sails Work? (requested by Cardinal Martini) based on Tillerman's complete ignorance about the technical aspects of sailing and infinite confidence in his ability to bullshit on any sailing related topic.

  • More thrilling accounts of Tillerman's bumbling attempts to race his Laser and Sunfish against his youngers and betters. Possible regattas this month -- if he doesn't find something better to do those weekends -- are the Newport Regatta at Sail Newport, the Laser Atlantic Coast Championships on Long Island, and the NJYRA Laser Championships (somewhere in darkest NJ) -- plus club racing some Sundays and Wednesdays.

  • Random snippets of overheard conversation, words of wisdom from sailing buddies, oddities found on the web, and if you're really really lucky and ask nicely... more pictures of cutest granddaughter in the world.

  • Plus bonus feature... Tillerman's mid-year round-up and review of watery blogs. Who will make the Top Ten this time? The suspense is killing me. No wait - how can I suspend myself? Oh never mind.

  • What else? Any requests?


EVK4 said...

I'd pay a substantial subscription fee if you could arrange a picture of Joe the PRO in the Puffy shirt. Seriously, set up paypal and watch the money flow in.

Anonymous said...

The Junior Sailing Program one... I think Johnsee and I may be experts on this one!

Carol Anne said...

Ah, the racing fleet issue. Monday, for the first time since 2003, the New Mexico Sailing Club had its annual Fourth of July Long Race. Two boats entered. One DNF. In fact, we still don't know where he ended up. We assume he just gave up when the wind died and decided to camp out in some cove on the lake.

I'll have more details on Five O'Clock Somewhere soon.

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