Friday, July 28, 2006

Survivor Marine Base

If you get into trouble in US waters you might call BoatUS or the US Coast Guard for assistance.

But what if you run aground in Aitutaki in the Cook Islands? If you're lucky you will be rescued by Survivor Marine Base.

Who? Yup, that Survivor. The TV series Survivor. They're currently filming Survivor Cook Islands and came to the rescue of Mark and Judy Handley in Windbird when they ran aground this week trying to enter the lagoon.

I'm not sure what this proves. You can never really get it away from it all? Reality TV is more real than you thought? Fact is stranger than fiction? Tillerman is feeling lazy this week and not writing anything original?

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Zen said...

That is ok, it give us a break from having to come up with orginal comments!
It is good to slack off sometimes, Gov.
It is the balance thing ;-)

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