Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Today's Tuesday - I Must Be Sailing

Life seems to have settled into a very satisfying groove just lately with days of sailing alternated with days of living slow.

Last Wednesday was twilight Sunfish racing series at the reservoir followed by beer and pizza at the local inn. My racing results were very average but the company and conversation afterwards were first class.

Thursday I was aiming to go for a run but my ankle was hurting and getting worse the further I ran and then the knee on the same side was starting to hurt so it was a good excuse to take a few days off running and live even more slowly.

Friday it was back to the reservoir with the Laser to practice for the pursuit race on Tuesday. A superb afternoon for sailing, cruising all around the lake into bays into which we only venture during the July 4th long distance race.

Saturday I dug out the bike from the back of the shed and went for a spin to get some exercise without running. Just a short loop around the local llama farm. Baaaaah. Spit.

Sunday I had a choice. Laser regatta in Connecticut, Laser racing back at the reservoir, or Sunfish sailing on the lake across the road from home? Feeling lazy and not wanting to spend any unnecessary time driving or stuck in traffic jams on a hot holiday weekend, I chose the fleet across the road. This is the ultimate off-the-beach club. No clubhouse. No safety boat or race committee boat -- indeed no race committee. The wind was from the south at 10-15 knots which is the only direction that is at all fun on this lake. Even so it was crazy shifty and puffy. We raced for three hours and towards the end I was finally getting back my Sunfish groove and hanging in with the fleet leaders.

Monday I went for a run to test out the ankle and found that it was OK. Jogged for forty minutes. Must register for my next marathon soon. Strolled down to the local restaurant with Tillerwoman. Smoked trout for starters and then soft shell crabs. Life is good.

Tuesday, today, is America's birthday so it's back to the reservoir for the pursuit race and then barbecue on the beach and just chilling out by the lake to celebrate Thomas Jefferson's inventing fireworks and hot dogs and apple pie when he wasn't too busy impregnating the slaves etc. I guess life was good in 1776 in Virginia. Happy birthday America and Tommy. Oops sorry Tommy -- I almost forgot -- it's not your birthday, you died on July 4th 1826. I mean, "Rest in peace."

Wednesday is another day for chilling out.

Then Thursday is President George Walker Bush's birthday. Hooray. Wave some flags. Has anybody organized a regatta? No? Ah well. This would be a sailing day but we'll be driving up to New England.

Friday is for chilling out with cutest granddaughter in the world.

Then Saturday is back to Laser racing again. I just registered for the Newport Regatta in Rhode Island. Last time this was a blast with a gazillion short races in the weekend just off Goat Island in Newport Harbor.

Life is good.


Fuff said...

Happy Birthday America too.

Ant said...

Arrggh I am jealous... all this aling talk is getting me very close to buying a cheap boat so I can sail with my kids at the wekend and in the week steal crafty and perfect 1 hour soul-sails when the boss isn't looking!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you're not a Bush Republican...

Tillerman said...

I'm not a bush and last time I checked there wasn't a party label stamped on my forehead - or any other part of my anatomy. But there is another post coming about why George's birthday on Thursday has a very special meaning for me.

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