Wednesday, July 26, 2006

North American Champion

Congratulations to Australian Brendan Casey for winning the 2006 Laser North Americans sailed over the last few days in St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.

Congratulations also to Americans Brad Funk 8th (who coached me in Florida last year) and Andrew Campbell 9th, who has been writing about the championships on his blog, CampbellSailing.


Litoralis said...

One of my old college coaches was also there and came 7th. He also had one of the newest boats in the fleet (187027).

Anonymous said...

Brendan is home now before he sets off on his next round of adventures including the worlds in Korea.

I am meeting up with him in a couple of days for a complete wrap-up from the last few events he competed in, including his awesome win at the North American Championships.

His training partner, Dave Wright from Canada was 4th overall, who when isn't competing at these regattas everywhere is based here in Oz and both he and Brendan train out of RQ.

Everyone loves it here!!!

Overboard said...

Cor! He's hot.

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