Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dean Fulton's Sailing Bucket List

Near term:

Sail a catamaran on one hull.

Windsurf from Benicia to Suisun.

Take a cruise ship somewhere, anywhere.

Sail the High Sierra Regatta in a Lido 14.

Rent a boat to sail to Catalina.

Long term:

Sail from SF to Newport Beach, and back.

Sail to Hawaii, and back.

Buy a boat able to do the above.

Have the time to do the above.

Have the money to do the above.

Take every class available so as to have the knowledge to do the above.

Gain the experience to do the above.


David said...

Nice list, Dean. Let's get started!

Anonymous said...

I'll meet you in Hawaii!

From your loving wife who has no desire to crew...

Anonymous said...

45 Lidos on beautiful Huntington Lake! Families, friends, hot shots and beginners. Smart man to add this to the list!!!
My daughter and I drive down from Seattle (19 hours each way) just to sail our Lido in that regatta each year.

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