Monday, October 20, 2008

Last Bucket

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Sailing Bucket List Group Writing Project. I really appreciate the efforts of all of you who put your minds to the question of what sailing ambitions and dreams you want to achieve in the rest of your lives.

I particularly enjoyed both the similarities of and the differences between all your lists. Many people had goals involving their relationships with family and friends (or in one case an unknown husband-to-be) and their part in your future sailing lives. Several of you had ambitious cruising plans to far-flung destinations. But there were also aspirations for other kinds of sailing challenges that could be realized closer to home.

I decided to select one item from each of your lists to create a grand "sailing bloggers' bucket list of bucket lists" representative of the combination of all of your original lists. So here it is... along with links to the posts with the original submissions.

  1. Live in a place where the water is warm all year long and the winds are fair - Joe Rouse. (And thanks to Joe for the bucket full of beer.)

  2. Trace a historical route such as that from the Odyssey that takes me through the Mediterranean and Northern Africa and Greece - Gregory Little.

  3. Get my wife to actually like sailing and spend much of our retirement together on a sailboat - O docker.

  4. Help my friend qualify for the US Men's Sailing Championship (the Mallory Cup) - Carol Anne.

  5. Spend a Northern Hemisphere winter in Kribati and surf deserted reef passesevery day, while living off the hook - Greg and Kris.

  6. Sail high latitudes - Captain JP.

  7. Sail offshore with my daughter - Edward.

  8. Sail to Osaka, Japan, the sister city of San Francisco via Hawaii, the Marshall Islands, Guam and Okinawa - Zen.

  9. Windsurf with an old friend who I haven't seen in ages who sails out of Fogland, and catch Sir Tillermeister on the water - Peconic Puffin (fifth comment on this post.)

  10. Write "Cruising Guide to the Southwest" - Pat (first comment on this post.)

  11. Sail in a boat my husband built - some_day_soling.

  12. Sail a catamaran on one hull - Dean Fulton.

  13. Honeymoon in Bermuda and sail a dinghy across the Great Sound - Christy.

  14. Sail with the most beautiful girl in the world - Tillerman.

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