Thursday, October 30, 2008

Joe Went Sailing?

Where is Joe the Plumber?

Did he really stand up John the Maverick to go sailing?

Is this Joe the Plumber?

No, that is Pete the Plumber.

Anybody seen Joe?


Joe said...

I do not like them in a box.
I do not like them with a fox.
I do not like them in a house.
I do not like them with a mouse.
I do not like them here or there.
I do not like them anywhere.
I do not like green eggs and ham.
I do not like them, Sam-I-am.

I'm Joe, he's Sam.

O Docker said...

McCain thought his plumber would show up on time? This just proves how out of touch he is.

I think McCain tried to get Joe to commit to a time for the rally, but all he could get from him was, "sometime between nine and noon."

When he didn't show, Joe called and said McCain would be his first appointment in the afternoon.

Now, he says he'll try to work McCain in sometime early next week, but it's gonna be tight.

Do you think maybe this is the first time in his life McCain's actually talked to a plumber?

Carol Anne said...

Are you sure that's really a plumber? I don't see the pants hanging down and exposing a butt-crack.

Tillerman said...

o docker don't be ridiculous. Of course this isn't the first time that John the Maverick has talked to a plumber. Indeed, I have it on good authority that John the Maverick has been palling around with Gordon the Plumber.

Tillerman said...

Carol Anne that is a very plumbist statement. Don't you know that in John McCain's America all plumbers will earn more than a quarter of a million dollars a year and be able to afford hiking pants that cover their butt-cracks?

Pete the Plumber, of course, sails in the UK, one of those "socialistic" country that believes in "spreading the wealth". I expect he works for the National Plumbing Service and had his hiking pants provided for him by the government.

Anonymous said...

This is Gery O. from Seattle. I just love the good humor going on here, thanks all for helping to put a smile on my face. I do have a somewhat serious question. What class of boat is this guy sailing? It looks real interesting....

Tillerman said...

Im not absolutely sure but I think Pete the Plumber is sailing a Phantom.

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