Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Bucket List Group Writing Project

Did you see the post about Gary Jobson's Bucket List? What's on your bucket list? What are the sailing things that you dream about doing before you die?

"Bucket List" is the title of this month's group writing project. The challenge is to tell the world (via your blog or this blog) about the things you would like to achieve in sailing before you kick the bucket. You don't have to be an old geezer like me and Gary Jobson to participate. Whether you're 15 or 85, just write about your sailing dreams and ambitions for the rest of your life.

If you need inspiration grab a copy of the October 2008 issue of Sailing World and read Gary's article in full; or go see the movie The Bucket List.

Same rules as usual...

1. Write a post on your blog on the subject of "My Sailing Bucket List".

2. Once you've posted your list, let me know about it by sending an email to tillermeister@gmail.com including a link to your post. If you don't have a blog just email me your list and I will post it here. Please let me know about your post, or send me your story, by Saturday 18 October.

3. I will post here two links to your story. Every day or so I will write a post listing any new entries in the project. Then at the end of the project I will provide a summary post with links to all of your lists.

Please participate in this project. Do it for fun. Do it to so that new readers will find your blog. Do it to inspire other sailors. Do it to inspire yourself. Oh, just do it.

Look forward to hearing from you.


bonnie said...

oops. won't have time to do an entry. but how about a nice rusty 76? My friend John took it on our Graveyard of Ships paddle last weekend. OK so it's really a 7 and a 6 but it's still sort of neat.

EVK4 said...

OK, I'm in. But only because I'm doing my late-year push for the Tillies.

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