Saturday, October 11, 2008

Help Wanted

It seems that at least three people are considering the crazy idea of sailing in all 50 states of the USA: me, Pat Byrne and Gary Jobson.

So, how best to find the sailing opportunities in each state? Use The Interwebs and The Google of course.

But Adam Turinas wrote some time ago about how sailing web sites suck so much (blogs excepted). So we ought to use blogs to research this trip. It would be cool to have a list of blogs about sailing in every state. Then we could read about sailing in each state and maybe contact the bloggers to find out more.

So I started to build the Bloggers' Guide to Sailing in 50 States and quickly found out that it's a lot harder than it sounded. The idea was to have one to three blogs that covered sailing activities in each state. California and New York were easy. Then it quickly got a lot harder.

For some states I had to use a non-sailing blog; for example for South Dakota I found Kayaking the Lakes of South Dakota which at least has descriptions about many of the lakes there.

And then there were some blogs that covered multiple states and I didn't know which state to list them under. Chine bLog has lots of useful information about boating in multiple states around Chesapeake Bay. I think the author lives in DC so I put it there.

But for many states I couldn't find any blogs that were any use.

So please help me. Take a look at
Bloggers' Guide to Sailing in 50 States. If you know of any good blogs that cover sailing activities in any of the states with none listed yet, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Bowdoin Sailing Team's blog, to add to your Maine list:

EVK4 said...

There aren't a whole lot of places in California to sail a Laser. Can you bring a Force 5 too? Just in case?

Zen said...

I found this:

Anonymous said...

Thanks zen. But that's a forum rather than a blog. Maybe I'll have to widen the rules of what to include in the Guide if I can't find enough blogs. But for now I'm sticking to blogs.

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