Sunday, October 19, 2008

Gregory Little's Bucket List

1. Sail alone across an ocean where I am out of sight of land for at least two weeks.

2. Do #1 with these people here:

3. Do #1 alone without a motor.

4. Do #1 alone without a motor, relying on celestial navigation and dead reckoning, not GPS. And avoid becoming one of those awful classic stories of starvation and despair that I can't get enough of.

5. Trace a historical route such as that from the Odyssey that takes me through the Mediterranean and Northern Africa and Greece.

6. Do #5 and not have stolen out of my car immediately afterwards the address book that contains every single person I met for a year and a half of travel around the world, as happened after I spent a year and a half surfing around the world in my early 20s.

7. Own a wooden boat that looks something like this...

...and have the knowledge and patience to rebuild any part of her that might require it.

8. Take that feeling that comes when a critical situation arises on the water and my heart is racing but I know exactly what needs to be done and I do it competently...and apply it more often to life in general.

9. Do #2 and not have young Henry feel that his dad is an autocrat because sometimes things need to be done in a certain way and at a specific time so that he rebels by hating to sail. To flip that around to the positive side...find a way to build a relationship with my son as he grows older so that he feels he can rely on me for counsel, love and trust without feeling that he's giving up his own individuality in order to do so.

10. Have empathy for all those who don't feel the same magic from being on the water and not try TOO HARD to change them.


Unknown said...

What a beautiful boat. Love the overhangs and the varnished timber. What design is she?

Unknown said...

I don't know...just found this shot on the internet and as such am probably infringing someone's rights or other...

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