Thursday, October 23, 2008

Intensity Sails Tyvek Regatta Deck Cover for Laser Sailboats 77th Sail

My Intensity Sails Tyvek Regatta Deck Cover for Laser Sailboats 77th Sail of 2008 was another one of those perfect days for sailing. 10-15 knots out of the south-east. Finger-licking good. Being able to go sailing on days like this is the main reason I retired early from my former existence of driving a desk in a glass box.

I launched out of Independence Park in Bristol, gave the old leg and back muscles a good workout beating out of Bristol Harbor, and then cracked off the wind to sail under Mount Hope Bridge and into Mount Hope Bay, a.k.a. My Bay. There were some real nice swells running under the bridge. I know even less about waves than I do about Laser sailing, but I assume that the waves coming up the Eastern Passage of Narragansett Bay in a southerly are somehow focused into the narrower channel through the bridge and that's why they are bigger there?

I blasted around in My Bay for a while. Did a bit of reconnaissance of the NW shore of Aquidneck leading up to Common Fence Point to see if I could find a decent Laser launching site on My Bay closer to home. I did spot one likely looking beach with some dinghies on it, but a later reconnaissance from the land with son #1 on Saturday morning when we were out for a run confirmed my suspicion that it was a private beach belonging to the local community association.

And then it was time to beat back through the bridge and ride the waves, such as they were, back into Bristol Harbor. And that was it. No fascinating conversations with local fishermen. No bizarre geometrical shapes sailed. Just an old geezer having fun in a Laser on a perfect day for sailing. 77 down. 23 to go.

Is this of any interest or should I write about something earth-shattering that is capturing the attentions of the US voter such as NiemanMarcusGate?

Anyway, thanks to my sponsor
Intensity Sails Tyvek Regatta Deck Cover for Laser Sailboats. Without my sponsor I would haven't interesting things to write about like marsupial poo and would just have to write about sailing. Think how boring that would be...


EVK4 said...

Is it good or bad that your blog comes up first when googling for Tyvek Regatta Deck Cover? I assume it's good for them. But not sure.

Anonymous said...

It's good.

My drive for total domination of what my wife calls "that Google thing you have there" is going very nicely. Once I am numero uno for all sailing related searches I will auction off advertising space on my blog to the titans of the sailing industry and make a killing.

I will then send Tillerwoman off to Nieman Marcus with $150,000 to spend on little red jackets and black skirts, and get on national TV with President Obama asking why he is penalizing entrepreneurs like me who are living the American dream. I will be world famous for three days as "Tillerman the Blogger".

EVK4 said...

Heck, I'll sponsor that! Send me the Insertion Order for the sponsorship of your 81st sail!

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

Sail and sail and sail in your own private bay with your own private wind! You lucky bugger, you! rofl :)

Mal :)

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