Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Intensity Sails Laser Clew Strap 76th Sail

Don't you just love light wind days?

The day after my
Bottleport Patent Pending Hydration Solution for Small Sailboats and Other Watercraft 75th Sail of 2008 I went to the same spot for my Intensity Sails Laser Clew Strap 76th Sail of 2008.

What a difference a day makes! When I arrived at the launch area at Weaver's Cove the winds were light and patchy. Indeed there was very little wind at all close to the shore.

"Is it worth all the effort to take the boat off the trailer and unpack it and rig it, not to mention tying my supertight Intensity Sails Laser Clew Strap, just to drift around aimlessly, and then have to spend all that time derigging etc. etc. ?" asked that little voice in my head.

"Of course it is," said the other little voice in my head. "You're a man on a mission. 100 days or bust. Every day counts, even if the sailing sucks."

So I set up the boat, not forgetting to tie my
supertight Intensity Sails Laser Clew Strap.

I launched in a light northerly so I beat up past the marina for a few minutes.

The wind died.

The wind filled in from the west so I beat over to Prudence Island for a while.

The wind died.

The wind filled in from the south so I beat back towards Dyer Island very very slowly, wondering if I would ever make it back to the boat ramp.

The wind died.

The wind came back from the east so I beat back to the launch area.

I had sailed four sides of a rectangle and every side was a beat.


Oh well. 76 down. 24 to go.

Is this of any interest? Bet you are glad I didn't write about some totally trivial topic like Sarah Palin's clothes instead.

Anyway, thanks to my sponsor Intensity Sails Laser Clew Strap. Without sponsors I would just be some old geezer with a beat-up Laser and an incredibly boring blog.


The O'Sheas said...

As a novice sailor, I do find this interesting. If I understand it right, I should take an equal opposite course to Tillerman when I sail in proximity and I'll be running down wind the entire time. Also, if I were to give up this crazy internets game, and become a plumber and drinker of six-packs, I wouldn't have to buy my wife any more of those Coach purses. Is that right?

Anonymous said...

You betcha.

Mal Kiely [Lancelots Pram] said...

lol @ Greg&Kris.

When I bought my Laser about 2 (or 3?) seasons ago (it's all blurring together now! D'oh!), I got myself one of those clew straps for practically nothing. altho i'm not a hard-core expert racer like Tillerman [giggles], I've never had any problems with it. Quick, easy, simple, reliable. Perfect for casual sailors like myself.

Mal :)

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