Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Down

Song For Friday: I'm Down.

Never mind Friday. This is the song of the month. Song of the year. And the news doesn't get any better.

If things get any worse I may become angry and erratic...


Anonymous said...

You're down...have you seen the DOW? It hit 7882 briefly this morning, check the daily low!

Am I the only slob that bought a house I could afford?

I've been asking my wife for years "We both have good jobs, right? So how come everyone else can afford to live in expensive homes and drive expensive cars?" She has consistently replied "They can't."

Now even the Republican candidate says they're gonna renegotiate loans, and not just interest rates, but adjust the PRINCIPAL loan amount? John McCain said - "We need to keep homeowners in their homes." (Mac...they may have made a few payments, but they don't own goose poop, the bank owns it!)

Fer Christ sake! Why didn't I buy that fancy house in the great town, with the great school system, much closer to the city?!

Oh, that's's called integrity.

Time to go sailing!

An unhappy Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

That was exactly the point I was making anon. Sorry if the post was too obscure. Now get off my lawn.

Anonymous said...

Big house! I wish I had bought a bigger boat. Christ, if I had liquidated my equities and bought a brand new boat, it would have kept more value and think of the fun I would have had. I have one word to sau - Gah!

Anonymous said...

Aaagh. Who needs a bigger boat? The smaller the boat the more the fun.

Now get your boat off my lawn.

Pat said...

No problem ... if you can't park your boats on t-man's lawn, bring them to our cabin. Except we don't have a lawn to park them on ... just a few acres of rocks and woods. With occasional deer wandering through, and other wildlife. And a lake that freezes during the winter, but in summer is operated by volunteers who welcome visiting sailors. And some boats we need to repair or restore. And no West Marine store within 400 miles.

Pat said...

As for the size, shape, and enjoyment factor for boats....
The deep, dirty, depraved secret is... There is no ONE perfect boat. Most boats are good for something or other; some are compromises (and some better than others), some are specialists, but almost all can offer joy, excitement, insight, challenge, or tranquility (and yes, sometimes, terror, boredom, humiliation, or frustration). Wa is where you find it.

Happiness can come from matching boats with sailors, moods, weather, and venues.

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