Sunday, February 28, 2010

Amen Sister


Baydog said...

for wohm?

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Inexact Post!!!???

Dan Gurney said...

seh msut be protexting egenst preying?

Doc Häagen-Dazs said...

Not, obviously against bad spelling!

Steven Colbert said...

You British can get so huffy and superior about the integrity of our language.

We don't need no stinkin' language police to tell us how we can spell or not spell. Limiting individual freedom like that is unamerican.

If we want to elect a president who says 'nukular' instead of 'nuclear', we damned well will.

If we want to graduate a generation that can't spell or do basic math, where's the harm, as long as they have strong family values?

It's not like the jobs that are left here for them require such skills.

And why the heck are all of those other jobs going offshore, anyway?

It's a conspiracy by you British and all of those other people who talk funny.

Baydog said...

Why didn't Tillerman sail today, or did he?

Tillerman said...

Steven, your language is very offensive and borderline racist.

If a person of the Jewish race or religion said something you disagreed with, would you write a comment insulting "You Jewish"?

If a person of partly African ancestry said something to which you took exception, would you write a comment addressed to "You Africans"?

I think not.

Please be more sensitive. Not all British people think alike and not all British people agree with me. Please don't attack all British people because you don't agree with me. Assuming that all British people share my anal-retentive obsession with correct spelling is simply prejudiced and wrong.

Baydog, Tillerman did sail today. It was grand. More details to follow...

Baydog said...

O my, Steven

Stephen Colbert said...

Oh no you don't, mister.

You're probably expecting me to take personal responsibility for my thoughts and language.

I'm an American. I take personal responsibilty for nothing!

This country taught me what I think and believe. Some truths are just self-evident, buster.

And it's 'Stephen', with a 'ph'.

Baydog said...

Sorry Stefan

Pat said...

Obviously the sign holder meant to say that men are pigs and should be confined to a sty.

But, she got off on the wrong foot by running "a", the singular definite article, together with "men", a plural noun, and "sty".

Perhaps the error is mostly in the use of the definite "a" and she doesn't have a grudge against all men, and really believes that only one particular man belongs in a sty (or pigpen).

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