Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday

Today is Proper Course's fifth birthday!

Yes, it was five years ago on 17 Feb 2005 that I started this blog, not having a clue as to where it might lead and certainly not imagining I would write over 1600 posts and still be blogging five years later. Along the way I have made a lot of good friends (most of whom I've never met) and through trial and error learned one or two things about how to do this blogging thing.

In those five years I have sailed in America, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean; I have run a couple of marathons; I have started a Laser fleet in one club and taught sailing to kids at another club; I have raced in two different Laser frostbite fleets and at numerous other venues; I have moved house from New Jersey to Rhode Island; I have met a lot of interesting people through sailing and made a few new friends; and, best of all, I have become a grandfather. What a long strange trip it's been!

I wonder what the next five years will bring?

Happy Birthday Proper Course.


The O'Sheas said...

Congratulations! I have enjoyed the trip for the past year-and-a-half myself. Thanks for putting it all out there, properly. I find myself looking to see if/what the Tillerman has posted recently and enjoy each course change in it's own time. Well, that's a lie. I hate the racing rules wonkishness. But you knew that and are polite enough to only point it out in the most sensitive way.

Looking for a gift for your favorite blogging granfathering laser sailor?

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Baydog said...

As a newer viewer,
I'm always amused at your being enthused
about frostbiting and essay writing
you're quick with a pun and like poking fun
at yourself and others. If I had my druthers
I'd attempt to do what comes easily to you
but would soon realize that it wouldn't be wise
I'm resigned to the fact that it's content I lack
but I keep coming back to the Proper Course
Happy Birthday!

Tillerman said...

Thanks Greg. Hmmm. Wood, silver and airline tickets? Maybe somebody will be buy me airline tickets to a regatta sailed in wooden boats and I will win a silver trophy?

Tillerman said...

Thanks Baydog. All I can say is that whatever ability I have to write interesting content these days is something that has developed over time through sheer stubbornness and persistence. If you look back in my archives for 2005 you will see that I was really struggling to find things to write about in the early months, and there's been a lot of drivel and utter nonsense written here over the years.

It seems to me that the ability to think of things to blog about waxes and wanes. Some times I run out of inspiration for weeks at a time. But if you keep plugging away it does become a bit easier the more you do.

JP said...

Congrats Tillerman! 5 great years and roll on the next.

Looks like a good year for content with the Laser's Masters blog fest to come.

I'd say enjoy the cake but think Buff has already eaten it.

Antolin said...

and congratulations to a job well done sir!!

Jos said...

Happy B'day
I hope you can keep us blog-youngsters inspired for another five years.
Well done and thanks!

bonnie said...

Happy happy Bloggiversary!

I'm not sure I realized how close our blogs are to the same age. Did we have a rough winter that year or something? I do seem to recall that I started mine one evening when I was sitting around at home getting a bit bored during a howling blizzard!

bonnie said... five years? Hmmm, how old does a granddaughter need to be before she starts learning to sail?


Tillerman said...

Good point bonnie. I sincerely hope that sailing with my granddaughter is one thing that will happen in the next 5 years.

PeconicPuffin said...

One year closer to dieing on your laser. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum...

Congratulations Lord T!

Joe said...

Has it been 5 years? My how time flies, it feels like it was only yesterday when I stumbled across this wonderful blog. Thank you for keeping on my toes all these years.

Cheers, now where is my bourbon? I will have to drink myself into a stupor if Newport get's the cup.

O Docker said...

In five years of great blogging, you were bound to make some mistakes, but I'm sure you will be forgiven for encouraging me.

Blogging seems to strengthen you and give you wisdom, so you will no doubt eventually overcome this sad addiction you have to frostbiting.

You're an inspiration to all of us.

Tillerman said...

Thank you O Docker. I know you are a master of irony, so I understand that your comment means that you want me to do more frostbiting and write about it more on Proper Course.

Watch this space. I have a chilly feeling that my next three posts may be about frostbiting.

Adam Turinas said...

Tillerman you're the daddy! Congrats. If it wasn't for your encouragemet, prodding, provoking, teasing, etc many of us wouldn't still be blooging, me included.

Anonymous said...

happy blog birthday tillerman! good luck in the next 5 years and beyond.


TimScullin said...

Happy Birthday Tillerman!
Good job, love the blog, keep it up for the next 5 years! :D

Pat said...

Goodness gracious, that's nearly a post a day, or maybe around 4 posts per sail. And both the blogging and the sailing are significant achievements.Keep up the good work, bad puns, and encouragement of the whole (raft-up? constellation? flotsam-tilla?) of sailing bloggers.

David said...

First sailing blog I ever read, I think. Happy Birthday! Thanks for showing the rest of us how it's done.

Keep on Truckin'

p.s. Yeah, I checked out during the rules wonkishness, too. It's good to be back.

bowsprite said...

Five years on Proper Course!
Sounds idyllic!!!

many, many more adventures!!! congratulations!

Carol Anne said...

Happy bloggiversary! It's been a great five years. And I know just whom to blame for my getting into racing sailing ...

Zen said...

Happy blogaversary! Blogfather

Andrew said...

Thank you. One sail at a time, on word after the other, don't stop.

Anonymous said...

Dear Tillerman

Have read for three years but never commented

Thanks for your thoughts, a lot of which have been used at our club

Steve Mackay

Tillerman said...

Thanks Anonymous. Whenever people tell me they actually "use" what I write it sends chills down my spine. You do realize I am a really bad racing sailor, don't you? Anyway who copies me is also likely to turn into a really bad racing sailor as well.

tillerman said...

Thanks to everyone who sent their best wishes here, via email and on other blogs. I especially appreciate the people who wrote verses to celebrate my anniversary.

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