Sunday, February 28, 2010

America's Cup 34 in Newport: It's All About the Parties

Jim Donaldson has nailed the real reason why the next America's Cup must be sailed in Newport, Rhode Island.

In an article in the Providence Journal, America's Cup in Newport is always half full, he describes the amazing party scene in Newport when the Cup was sailed here before...

"Newport - where yachts roll on the waves while the good times roll on shore." Ted Turner literally drunk under the table. All the sailors and wannabee sailors trolling the bars of Thames Street for debutantes and divorcees. "Those of us who occupied stools at the bars that are as ubiquitous as sea gulls in the City by the Sea recall Cup summers as one long, wonderful party."

In other Rhode Island America's Cup news our illustrious governor has formed a committee. A committee to "assess the existing marine assets and facilities we have so we can create a formal proposal for the America’s Cup races." All the usual suspects are on the committee... leaders of the RI yachting scene and marine trades, politicians, tourism and economic development bureaucrats etc. etc.

I think the make-up of this committee is missing the target. Where are the folk who can build the case that Newport will throw better parties and have a wilder social scene than any other city? That's the argument that will bring the Cup to Newport. It's not about how perfectly suited Rhode Island waters are for America's Cup racing; it's not about the awesome America's Cup village that we will build to house all the yachts and teams; it's not about all the relevant skills and experience that Newport has to support an event like this; it's not even about the tradition. It's all about the parties.

Think about it...

Does Larry Ellison like to party?

Is the pope catholic?

PS. I was thinking of posting a picture of a typical crazy Newport party scene at the top of this post, but then I thought better of it. You know what they say, "What happens in Newport, stays in Newport."


Baydog said...

And no amensty for those who spill the beans

my2fish said...

this is about a month old, so I imagine you've already seen it... but just in case:

Providence City Council urging BMW Oracle to bring the Cup to Rhode Island

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