Thursday, February 04, 2010

Worser and Worser

Four more entries in our group writing project Worst Sailing Innovation Ever...

Adam Turinas who messes about in a boat called Messing About and who blogs about it at Messing About in Sailboats (possibly the second best sailing blog on the planet) says that the worst sailing invention ever is My (his) outboard. It does sound like a total piece of shit but I was pleased to read that Adam and his wife sailed almost the whole season on and off the mooring and "were better for it". There's the spirit.

Captain JP took three bites of the cherry in Some sailing things that bug me. His three suggestions for the worst sailing innovations ever are
  1. America's Cup lawyers
  2. Twin wheeled small cruisers
  3. Anything involving the word "frostbite".
Hmmm. Is someone taking the piss out of poor old Tillerman again? Captain JP claims that the word "frostbite" is "just a ruse for masochists to get some race points over the sane" and he seems to regret the fact that we winter sailors are (usually) not literally suffering from frostbite. Nice!

Some_day_sailing thinks that the J24 with its sleek foredeck is the worst sailing innovation ever. "May I never have to crew on one again," she begs. Woo hoo. Fighting talk!

And while we are knocking certain classes of boats, SoxSail says that the Optimist is the Worst Boat For Learning Sailing Ever! OMG. Now I'm going to have all the J24 owners and all the Opti moms and dads sending me hate mail.


Carol Anne said...

I'm going to have a tough time beating some_day_soling (not _sailing). I'd originally thought of nominating the MacGregor 26X and 26M, but the J/24 has those beat. At least the Macs draw people into sailing who wouldn't otherwise think of it, and then those people often move on to real sailboats.

Pat said...

Worst innovations in sailing:
Blackjack! A blackguardly bunch --
twenty-one paths to failure

I could have added a couple more, such as ferrocement or chop-strand guns or overly restrictive anti-anchoring ordinances or lobster pots or other esoterica, but didn't want to undercut the great T-man by coming up with a longer list than his 23 engine doohickies.

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