Monday, February 15, 2010

Four Five of the Worst

They are coming so fast I can barely pedal hard enough to keep up with them. Here are yet four five more entries in this month's group writing project, Worst Sailing Innovation Ever.

Some of my "friends" seem to think it is funny to choose titles for their posts in this project that "accidentally" insult myself. Earwigoagin, for example, has titled his post Worst Stream of Consciousness; Tillerman. But his post isn't about me at all. It's about the hype surrounding the concept of the single-handed dinghy with an asymmetric spinnaker.

David writes a most excellent blog called Never Sea Land. It is without a doubt the best blog on the planet about ladies with no legs. David's choice for the Worst Sailing Innovation Ever is Land. It is, after all, the abrupt running out of said medium that causes most sailing wrecks.

Meanwhile, from the deserts of New Mexico, Pat offers us a rant about Ferro-Cement Boats. I don't think I've ever been sailing in a ferro-cement boat. It sounds like an appalling idea.

And former lurker AlextheLaserSailor nominated Rule 42. Although his real beef seems to be with those coaches of youth sailing who teach Rule 42 badly.

Keep them coming. You have all of the rest of today, until the day ends wherever in the world that days end, to submit your idea for
Worst Sailing Innovation Ever.

Update: Oops I missed one. The Boating Bible Manual of Seamanship is undoubtedly the best Bible about seamanship on the planet (though I couldn't find the section about walking on water.) The Bible says that So-called sailboats are the WSIE. The dude that writes the Bible is not totally against engines like some nut who proposed The Engine as WSIE. (I wish I had thought of that abbreviation two weeks ago.) No, the Bible dude says he doesn't mind engines on sailboats for "maintaining battery power for navigation lights, communications, navstation equipment and house power"; he is just against them for "canting keels, water ballast, button-controlled winches etc." He likes a bit of manual exertion when he is racing; and some beer after the race. I'll drink to that.


Baydog said...

Physical exertion is one of the best things about sailing. If you came in after racing and didn't feel sore or tired, or your butt didn't itch from the salt water, something would be missing. And, it's always a welcoming sight to see an ice-cold keg at the hoist afterward!

Pat said...

But wait.... you not only get more entries linked to your blog... no, there's so much more...
you also get a whole Sailing Anarchy thread in response to your writing challenge!

It slices and dices, it pulverizes Sailing's Worst Innovations...

Worst Sailing Innovations - Sailing Anarchy

Tillerman said...

Yes Pat, I saw that. A surprisingly well-mannered SA thread. Worst insult so far I think is, "Go slip in a puddle of AIDS."

BeachComber said...

Tillerman, in the midst of writing my second ever blog post, I realized I was writing about the worst ever sailing innovation, yacht club initiation fees!

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