Saturday, February 06, 2010

Even More Worser

The entries keep rolling in for our Worst Sailing Innovation Ever group writing project. Here are six more...

Chris Partridge is a rower. He writes a most excellent blog about rowing called Rowing for Pleasure, quite possibly the best rowing blog on the planet. He doesn't seem to appreciate why anyone would ever get tired of propelling a boat by waggling two sticks in the water and would want to invent a more efficient way of traveling across the oceans, so he has nominated for Worst Sailing Innovation Ever... The Sail. Hmmm.

Tillerman is a sailor. He writes a blog about sailing that is quite possibly the worst sailing blog on the planet. He doesn't seem to appreciate why anyone would ever get frustrated with propelling a boat by hanging up a few pieces of cloth and pulling them around with bits of string, or why they would occasionally want to use an engine. So he has nominated for Worst Sailing Innovation Ever... Putting an Engine in a Sailboat.

If you thought it couldn't get any crazier after the ideas from these two loons, then check out the suggestions from Pat of Desert Sea, who has come up with twenty-one suggestions for Worst Sailing Innovation Ever at Blackjack! A blackguardly bunch -- twenty-one paths to failure.

Captain JP offers an entry on behalf of the famed celebrity sailing columnist, Buff Staysail. Buff doesn't like the current time-tested phonetic alphabet so he has invented Buff's Phonetic Alphabet.

The Bursledon Blogger writes the most excellent Bursledon Blog, quite possibly the best blog about Bursledon on the planet. Bursledon is on the River Hamble in England and was the site for the filming of what BB describes as that "appalling low budget drama, based in the fictional Hampshire sailing community of Tarrant, Howard's End Howards' Way." So Howard's End Howards' Way is his nomination for Worst Sailing Innovation Ever.

Yarg is a Laser sailor and high-school sailing coach, and is the most frequent contributor to Apparent Wind, possibly the best sailing blog on the planet about Laser sailing and coaching on a small lake in Barney Frank's congressional district. Yarg thinks The Club Champion is the Worst Sailing Innovation Ever. Woah there, Nellie! This is getting a bit personal. Why has Yarg got it in for his club champion? Actually he hasn't. Yarg has written a very well-argued piece about how the scoring systems for club racing series are inherently unfair, and pleading that we should all chill out about the series score and just celebrate each moment of success through the season. Bravo sir! Well said.

I think that makes thirteen entries in six days. Good going! Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far, but the project will be open for another week until Monday February 15th. So please do write your suggestion for Worst Sailing Innovation Ever. You don't even need to have your own blog to participate. Full details at Worst Sailing Innovation Ever.


Bursledon Blogger said...

I'll take whatever praise I can get (quite possibly the best blog about Bursledon on the planet.)

Not wanting to upset E M Forster's fans, it was Howards' Way certainly not Howards' End !


Tillerman said...

Oops. My mistake. I'll correct it.

In my defense, I was somewhat distracted by the actual title of your post "The Worst Sailing Innovation Ever - Tillerman".

O Docker said...

I've done my worst.

Carol Anne said...

Actually, the novel Howards End doesn't have an apostrophe in the title. The first word is not a possessive, but rather a noun used as an adjective.

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