Sunday, February 14, 2010

Not Quite Totally Most Useless Sailing Innovation Ever

"What can me more useless than writing about what is worst?" asks the Zenfather. A rhetorical question of course. A rebuke to myself and my negativity and worthlessness in proposing that my fellow sailing bloggers spend a few minutes discussing the Worst Sailing Innovation Ever for our latest group writing project.

The Zenfather writes a most excellent blog called Zen's Sekai II – By Sea. It is undoubtedly the best blog on the planet about sailing, Japanese food, boating consignment stores,
hanging bikini bottoms on lifelines, and bottled water.

I'm not sure if he is participating in our group writing project or not. Nothing is ever "worst" in the eyes of the Zenfather. In Zen philosophy nothing is totally useless. He would rather think of something good for sailing.

But he has sorta kinda written a post on the subject. And included a delightful picture of a shapely young lady with her jeans falling down. And rambled on about bedding. And bikini tops. Very Zen.

The main theme of his post is "lifelines". But he stops short of calling them the Worst Sailing Innovation Ever. I do gather that he doesn't like the name "lifelines" much, because he doesn't think they will save your life.

Anyway check it out yourself. What is in a name... (By the way Zenfather, what is the name of that shapely young lady in the photo in your post, the one with her jeans falling down?)

Gong Shi Fa Chai !!


Zen said...

ROFL !!!!

So that is what it takes, a racy pictures of a young hotties to get my blog hits up. LoL, I think I have a new record!!!

No wonder the blogfather put up that picture of Jane Manfield and miss Gala or something. I do think this one is better. Holla :-)

Carol Anne said...

I would have to agree that the term "lifelines" is a misnomer. Just ask the person who went swimming involuntarily the day before I had my big adventure with the boom.

Verification word: tortes. I wish I could think of something dessert-related to add, but I can't.

Pat said...

One more for the hopper, even if it lacks Zen-like qualities, is somewhat negative, and is absolutely lacking in young ladies in bikinis or low-hanging denim:

Ferro-cement Boats: Worst Sailing Invention Ever?

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