Wednesday, February 03, 2010

First of the Worst

The first three entries for our group writing project Worst Sailing Innovation Ever are in...

Edward the Superblogger, serious ocean-going racer, and world famous Sailing Anarchy sailing journalist was first over the start line with The Ubiquitous Topsider. As a sometime wearer of the aforementioned Sperry Topsiders I am deeply offended, but I guess I'll get over it.

Captain Puffy Pants, voted by readers the winner of our last group writing project, offers a good rant about Cup Holders with Suction Cups which, he says, have ruined many a perfectly great day for him. I must admit I've never tried fitting cup holders with suction cups to my Laser, so I'll take his advice as a warning not to consider it.

B.J. Burrows from the Bahamas suggests Automatic Starting Horns as the worst sailing innovation ever. Hmmm, is this young whippersnapper taking the piss out of old Tillerman? Did he choose this just because I once proposed one of these automatic systems, the Ollie Box, as the Best Sailing Innovation Ever?

Plenty of time for you to submit your suggestions. Full details at
Worst Sailing Innovation Ever

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Brent J. Burrows II said...

Haha, Nice post on the ollie box.... I had actually never seen that one though, I don't know where my idea came from :s

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