Friday, February 19, 2010

Herreshoff Wants America's Cup 34 in Newport

Rhode Island is wasting no time in its efforts to persuade Larry Ellison to do the right thing by selecting Newport as the host for the 34th America's Cup match.

This weekend Halsey Herreshoff will be traveling to San Francisco to hand-deliver a letter from Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri urging Ellison to consider Newport as the next site for the sailing competition. Halsey is the president of the America's Cup Hall of Fame, was navigator on the US defender Liberty in 1983, and is the grandson of the famous Captain Nathaniel Herreshoff who designed and built five yachts that successfully defended the America's Cup between 1893 and 1920.

Let's hope Larry has enough sense of America's Cup history and enough respect for the Herreshoff name to keep an open mind on the merits of Newport's case to host AC34.


The O'Sheas said...

He seems like a really nice guy ... I wish him better luck.

builder said...

We met Halsey in Valencia last week. A very nice and personable fellow. A regular guy, if you will.

Not sure about Newport's chances, but anything is possible at this point.

David said...

With all due respect for the Herreshoffs and for Newport and it's ability to retain the cup for so long, it's clearly time to see the cup come to San Francisco. Give it up, Tillerman!

David said...

The Cup can come to Newport any time a syndicate representing the NYYC or other East Coast club wins it. That hasn't happend yet.

Pat said...

A simple solution: LE has GGYC open a Rhode Island out-station, which besides organizing a Cup defense could offer ongoing hospitality to West coast and other traveling sailors. Oh, yes, I might not even mind if they offered to pay me to help run the out-station.

Research question: How deep is the water off your back patio and how good is the holding ground; i.e. what are anchoring conditions?

Tillerman said...

Pat - you seem a little confused about the geographical location of the Tillercottage. My back patio (if I had one) would be about 100 feet above sea level. We do have a wonderful view of Mount Hope Bay from the front of our house but our property is not on the water; it's on a hill overlooking the water.

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