Monday, February 22, 2010

Breaking News: America's Cup 34 in Newport

It's official.

The next America's Cup will be held in Newport.

The news was announced today by the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport.

The headline on their website reads...

A Valencia vittoria degli americani anche nella seconda regata (5'27" il vantaggio sugli svizzeri) e dopo 15 anni il trofeo torna a varcare l'oceano. La prossima edizione si svolgerà a Newport nel 2013.

Or in English (as rendered by Google Translate) ...

In Valencia victory of the Americans in the second race (5'27 "advantage over the Swiss) and after 15 years the trophy back to cross the ocean. The next edition will be held in Newport in 2013.

And why would this news be announced first in Italy? Well, the Challenger of Record is Italian, and Larry Ellison has promised to consult the challengers before deciding the venue. So maybe there's already a deal to choose Newport and the Italians leaked it?


We report. You decide.


Baydog said...

Will you be renting rooms in the cottage?

The O'Sheas said...

You reprot. We eat hot dogs. Or, as my google-lator says, "We mangia the hotta doggas!"

O Docker said...

What impresses me most is that you just happened to be reading La Gazetta dello Sport.

I like their motto:

Tutto il rosa della vita

I'm thinking of putting that at the top of my blog.

You should keep in mind that they also reported that Mario Cipollini won seven straight Tours de France while the American press was lying to us about Lance Armstrong.

Joe said...

From the story, not he headline.

Si dovrebbe correre nel 2013, forse a Newport, per oltre mezzo secolo il teatro di altre Coppe America.

forse a Newport means it might

The race must be held in 2013, it might be in Newport, the venue of the cup for over half a century. Translation: Joe

Joe said...

There is also this:
"Il Mascalzone Audi Ispano-americano vuole navigare le prossimo Americhe Tazza in San Francisco. Come il difensore di a tempo di record, Oronato vuole un luogo di ritrovo con lo stile e la grazia. Solo San Francisco ha l'hertitage italiano che può ospitare la nostra squadra per un avvenimento così bello."

Tillerman said...

"Only San Francisco has the Italian heritage..." What is this dude talking about?

Doesn't he know that Rhode Island has the highest percentage population of Italian Americans of any state? And I wonder how he's going to feel when he has a chat with Rhode Island's Italian-American governor Donald Carcieri, and then goes to visit California's governor. Where did he come from again?

The Italians are going to love Rhode Island.

Litoralis said...

...until they catch an episode of Jersey Shore.

Baydog said...

Litoralis- surely you are poking fun at the Staten Islanders and not the Jersey Shore herself..right?

Tillerman- Does Edelweiss ring a bell? Raindrops on roses... I can hear it now: "Come to Kah-lee-faw-nia, it's Fntastic!!

Joe said...

I was waiting for you to mention Giovanni da Verrazzano.

Tillerman said...

Good point Joe...

First European to discover Narragansett Bay - an Italian in 1524.

First European to discover San Francisco Bay - a Spaniard 1769.

I rest my case. Italian Heritage!! Pshaw!!

Tillerman said...

Litoralis - as far as I know nobody is seriously considering Barnegat Bay as a venue for AC34. I vividly remember the skippers' meeting at the first regatta I sailed there. The PRO said, "If you capsize, don't worry, just stand up."

O Docker said...

Verrazzana was actually trying to get to San Francisco Bay when he stumbled upon Narragansett by mistake:

"...In 1523, he was invited by King Francis I of France to explore an area between Florida and Terranova, in order to find a sea route through the newly-found Americas to the Pacific Ocean..." - Wikipedia

Apparently, he felt Newport had no stile or grazia.

Baydog said...

Tillerman: If the AC34 race committee considered sailing E-Scows, they would be the perfect class to sail a racecourse in the Barnegat Bay. And yes, if one capsizes, all one would need to do is walk to the end of the mast, pull the head of the sail out of the muck, wade back to the boat, hop in and go!

Carol Anne said...

Hmmm ... "an area between Florida and Terranova" ...

Here is an entry from the 1775 edition of the Encyclopedia Brittanica: New Mexico. A territory of Spain, bounded by Florida on the East, the Pacific Ocean on the West, Mexico on the South, and Unknown Territories to the North.

There you have it. Between 1553 and 1775, terranova became defined, and it was New Mexico. The venue for the next Cup should be Elephant Butte. Or The Powers That Be could restore the other territories to New Mexico, allowing us to have San Diego once again.

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