Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Thanks to Jos of RRS - Look to Windward for referring me to Typealyzer, a site which promises to determine your personality through your blog. You just give it the URL of your blog and it responds with a personality analysis.

Here is what it came up for me...

The Doers.

The active and playful type. They are especially attuned to people and things around them and often full of energy, talking, joking and engaging in physical out-door activities.

The Doers are happiest with action-filled work which craves their full attention and focus. They might be very impulsive and more keen on starting something new than following it through. They might have a problem with sitting still or remaining inactive for any period of time.

It seems that the answers are based on the well-known Myers-Briggs personality assessment tool which assesses people on four pairs of "preferences".

But here's what is really weird. According to Typealyzer's analysis of my blog I am ESTP. But every time I (the real person me, not my blog) have filled out a Myers-Briggs questionnaire I have come out as INTJ, in other words exactly the opposite on 3 of the 4 dimensions.


What does this mean? Is "Tillerman" not the real me? Am I playing a role when writing my blog? Am I exploring a hidden side of my personality that doesn't usually appear? Is sailing (the main subject of my blog) an activity in which I escape the "real me" and become a totally different personality? Are you a different personality as a sailor and/or blogger from who you are in the rest of your life? Or is Typealyzer total crap?

Try Typealyzer yourself. What do you think?


Jos said...

My scores on LTW:
Home page: ISTP - The Mechanics
About page: ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers
Archive page: INTJ - The Scientists

Multiple personalities?

I should try to get my hands on a real Myers-Briggs test - I suspect all bloggers have what you have T.

Split and willing to tell about it.

Tony said...

I'm consistently INTJ as well - must be a Laser thing. Now wouldn't that be an interesting theory to explore?

Pandabonium said...

To the Bat Cave, Robin. Alter ego on the blog.

Andrew said...

Entering my blog:
Result: I'm an ESFP - The Performers.
There goes the Laser theory.

Though maybe racing a keelboat last year makes a subtle difference.

JP said...

Alas another split personality person:

Home page: ESTP
Tag fiction pages: ESFP

I probably need to go and lie down somewhere quiet - except ESTP people like to go out and do things......surely some mistake - haven't they read my comments about the weather?

BeachComber said...

Snap, Tillerman. My blog (based on a small sample!) - ESTP, Myself, INTJ.

I wonder if the Typealyzer logic goes as follows. Sailing, that's an outdoor, doing thing. Doer! Therefore ESTP.

Here's my analysis of the laser sailor.

Introverted - It's a solitary sport, you don't have to find crew, and you're out there all by yourself.

Sensing. Sizing up which side of the start line is favored, getting your sail trimmed properly, and determining which side of course is favored are all based on objective observations. There is a trace of intuition when it comes to guessing which way the first shift is going to go, or whether or not the sea breeze is going to arrive.

Thinking. Similar to above. Laser sailors make decisions by thinking, not feeling, and definitely not seeking consensus with the others involved.

Perceiving. Sailors are probably more reliant on observations than thought experiments. However, analyzing protest situations and tactical matters would qualify as abstract thought. On the water we perceive, off the water we judge.

bonnie said...

Interesting - I changed from a Performer to a Doer with the addition of the current post.

Bursledon Blogger said...

I'm described as

"They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation"

anyone who knows me or works with me will at this point be falling around in uncontrollable laughter!

BeachComber said...

In my latest
blog entry I linked to another personality test that determines what iconic object of industrial design you are.

Adding that post to the Typealyzer analysis didn't change its verdict on me, namely ESTP.

Tillerman said...

That's an interesting test Beachcomber. I came out as a Viewmaster, a sort of lay scientist/ explorer person which is pretty accurate. Also somewhat spooky as I was actually given a Viewmaster by my godmother for my fifth birthday, at the time almost certainly my most precious possession.

Which came first, the object or the man?

Joe said...

Now this is getting really spooky.

Test 1: ESTP (Not ESPN!)

Test 2: Viewmaster (Didn't everyone have a viewmaster growing up?)

Test 3: Beowulf (Carol Anne's test on FB....she thought I should be Capt. Nemo)

BeachComber said...

Tillerman, in your case, it must be close, but I'd guess that the Viewmaster came a little before you did. In my case, the Beetle came first by a long way. The Rabbit, though is another story.

I had a Viewmaster as a kid, but it didn't hold my attention the way Lego did. More than half of the sailors in my old university club were engineers and I've never met an engineer my age or younger wasn't crazy about Lego as a child. So, how many sailors had Lego(append "s" if you grew up in the US).

O Docker said...

I'm confused by this whole Typealyzer thing.

I ran my blog through it and it said I need to work more on math fundamentals and that I call out in class too much.

my2fish said...

hate to be the 18th guy to say this, but my blog is ESTP, but if I take the test, I'm also INTJ. are we sensing the pattern yet?

per Beachcomber's test, I was a bottle of coke.

cheers, my2fish

Pandabonium said...

The program analyzes the blog, not the person writing it. I have two blogs with different focuses and not surprisingly got two different answers, each seemed appropriate to the way I write each blog.

doryman said...

ESTP here, too! Is that the pass word?
Spooky seeing all those posts run together in one big stream of consciousness. Perfect match.
How do they do it!!?

Frank Abagnale Jr. said...

It's the girls, Dad. I do funny things to them.

Carol Anne said...

Once upon a time, Pat and I took the in-depth Myers-Briggs as part of a couples exercise run by our church. Pat was INTJ, and I was INTP. The difference is manifested when we decide we want to go out to eat -- Pat won't leave the driveway unless we have a destination in mind, while I tend to think on the fly and/or let things happen.

I haven't done the blog analysis yet.

Carol Anne said...

Typealyzer results are in: My blog, Five O'Clock Somewhere, comes out ESTP "The Doers." Pat's blog, Desert Sea, is ISTP, "The Mechanics."

Me an extrovert? Hunh-uh. Either of us sensing rather than intuitive? No way. Pat perceiving? Doesn't happen.

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