Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fighting Talk

A few months ago I wrote a review of a book called Saving Sailing by Nick Hayes. Nick's basic premise is that sailing is in decline and he has some well-thought-out ideas to remedy that problem. I think I wrote a fair and positive review of the book.

Nick recently gave an interview to US Sailing about his experience participating in the National Sailing Program Symposium in which he is quoted as saying...

I didn't sense, nor do I believe, that the macro participation numbers are in question, except perhaps in narrowly-viewed (and ill-informed) blogs that originate where specific fleets are strong.

Hmmm. I wonder which "narrowly-viewed (and ill-informed)" bloggers he is talking about? Not me, I hope.


O Docker said...

I don't know.

You're currently Google's top link for narrowly viewed ill informed.

Tillerman said...


(Today is "curse in Dutch day" on Proper Course.)

Sam Chapin said...

What the heck is a macro participation number??

Maybe the number of guys bow to stern on starboard tack at the weather mark with Tillermam ahead of most of them but...gosh, he is on port.

N Hayes said...


I'm surprised you felt singled out here. I didn't have you in mind when I made that comment. I directed it at folks who haven't read the book, and aren't interested in discussing it accept to assume. I thought your review was great.

And I'm not going to fight. We want the same thing.

Best regards, and keep up the good blogging.


N Hayes said...

One day I'll get the damned accept/except rule right. -ndh

Tillerman said...

Oh that's a relief Nick. Thanks for clearing it up. I don't want a fight either.

I do confess that I have made the occasional off-hand sarcastic remark about the "so-called decline in sailing" on this blog when I go to, or hear of, a particularly well attended regatta. But I also appreciate that one outlier sample does not invalidate a long term country wide trend.

Sounds like your ideas are getting some traction with folk who are in a position to make a difference. Good luck.

Andrew said...

[Verdomme, too late for curse in Dutch day.]
I new he meant it as a compliment :)

daedalusb said...

He still didn't say what "macro participation number" means....

I've never sailed a Macro. Is it like a Maxi?

Pat said...

Macro - the big trend as shown in overall numbers of sailing students, association memberships, etc. -
or a camera setting to take pictures of flowers and little bitty close-up thingies

Micro - the exceptions when Tillerman goes to well-attended regattas -
or beer made in relatively small lots

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